Wild for Taranaki

Wild for Taranaki is New Zealand’s First Regional Environmental Trust, established in 2015.  It has more than 40 members – iwi, community organisations, universities, councils and Government agencies – who are all working on projects to protect and improve the region’s native flora and fauna, and the ecosystems that sustain them.

Like a lot of other things that happen in Taranaki, this has not been done anywhere else before – although other regions are now looking carefully at us adapting our concept for their own use.

Working together, Trust members have come up with an audacious overall goal: To see the region’s native biodiversity flourishing from land to sea, free from the threat of invasive animal and plant pests and sustained by thriving ecosystems and healthy rivers. And to achieve this while maintaining healthy economic activity and sustainable livelihoods.

This is the Restore Taranaki Initiative, a region-wide, landscape-scale project that’s the first of its kind undertaken in New Zealand.  The initiative expands and leverages off all the existing work in the region being done by our members and community.

The initiative has four measurable, long-term outcomes:

  • Engage the Taranaki community to take action.
  • Restore the sound and movement of our Taranaki wildlife.
  • Restore the cloak of Taranaki.
  • Restore the fresh water of Taranaki.

If the Restore Taranaki Initiative is to succeed, the whole community needs to be involved. We need people to focus on making small consistent changes to their lifestyle and workplace to collectively make a big difference.  If everyone can focus on their own back yard, we can and will restore our big back yard – Taranaki.

It won’t happen overnight – but it will happen.

So please get involved! Learn more on our website, www.wildfortaranaki.nz, or find us on Facebook and Instagram, or email us directly: contact@wildfortaranaki.nz.