VISION: Empowering young people to reach their full potential.
PURPOSE:To educate and inspire generations to embrace positive choices for a healthy mind and body.

OUR GOAL: Life Education trust wants all New Zealanders to grow up with pride in themselves, a sense of control of their own destinies and the stream of character to make the right choices for a healthy, happy future.

The children are taught:

  • About the magnificence of the human body and all its systems
  • That each child is unique and special
  • To respect the environment in which we all live
  • That their happy survival on this planet depends on their respect for each other

$200,000 for Taranaki is need annually. Life education Trust is a charitable Trust and all donations are tax deductable. Money raised in Taranaki stays in Taranaki.
email or call 027 543 3017 for more information on how you can help.

Contact details

Michelle Williams
Megan Lilley
Amber Ormond

Chairperson: Matt Goodin
Vice-Chair:  Jacinta Hurley
Treasurer: Karley Gillum
Secretary: Janet Lean  
Executive Officer: Kelly Fryer

Anita Walsh
Rachel McCormack
Jan Dempsey
Kirsten Taylor
Ruth McKernan
Dr. Steve Smith
Steve McKean
Christine Goodin
John 'Steak' Goodin QSM