Taranaki Foundation (formerly Te Karaka Foundation) is the charitable foundation established for Taranaki, our people and the causes that are important to us.

Taranaki Foundation provides a simple, effective and flexible way to give back to the Taranaki community whether you are an individual, family or organisation.

Through giving we positively impact the community and contribute to our mission to be a renowned foundation for giving that provides an inter-generational legacy for Taranaki.

Why do people and organisations give to Taranaki Foundation?

  • Satisfaction of giving back to Taranaki: If you donate during your lifetime you receive the pleasure of seeing the results of your generosity through the impact on your local community. If you leave a gift in your will, you can be confident that even after you have gone, you are leaving a lasting legacy that will benefit your community for many generations to come.
  • The reputable trustees and prudent stewardship of Taranaki  Foundation funds ensure that your gift is in safe hands.
  • Donations made to the Taranaki Foundation may qualify for a tax credit of 33.3% of your gift.
  • A good news story to share with your family, friends, business community, clients and customers.


Josh Hickford | Chief Executive
027 462 1412




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