English Language Partners 

New Zealand Trust
Refugees and migrants have the opportunity to learn English, to pursue aspirations for themselves and their families, and to participate in all aspects of life in Aotearoa New Zealand.
English Language Partners is a community-based, not-for-profit offering a range of English language and social support services to adult refugee and migrant New Zealanders.

Over 60,000 people have studied and 20,000 Kiwis have volunteered with English Language Partners.

How we help
English language is key to accessing work, education and everyday life in New Zealand.

For 40 years, English Language Partners New Zealand (ELPNZ) has been supporting newcomers with English lessons so they can participate in our communities with confidence.

EPNZ supports a diverse range of learning needs, helping with basic communication skills such as greeting neighbours, and dealing with health providers and government agencies. They assist with strategies for gaining employment, passing driving tests, understanding school reports and making new friends.

Teachers, volunteers and staff work in partnership with learners to ensure New Zealand benefits from the skills, knowledge, experience, and connections that refugees and migrants bring with them; and to ensure refugees and migrants feel a sense of belonging and effectively settle in New Zealand.

As English Language Partners is the only nationwide education service providing English language tuition to adults, priority is given to refugees and those who have difficulty accessing formal education.

How we work
A network of 23 centres delivering programmes to support refugees and migrants to successfully settle and fully participate into the Kiwi way of life. The service operates from Whangarei to Invercargill, with over 2,000 volunteers and 300 full and part-time paid staff. Our centre managers recruit, train and manage professional teachers and volunteer tutors, assess learners’ needs and provide guidance and resources for learning programmes.

2016 quick facts

Total learners                                                                         6,609

Refugee learners                                                                    1,479

Staff                                                                                      300

Volunteer tutors active                                                           2,002

Volunteer tutors trained                                                          846

Total delivery hours                                                               400,000+ (est.)

Group learning

  1. English Language Groups
  2. ESOL Literacy
  3. ESOL Intensive
  4. New Zealand Certificate in English Language
  5. ESOL Road Code
  6. English for Specific Purposes

One-to-one learning

  1. ESOL Home Tutoring
  2. English for Migrants

Work-focused learning

  1. English for Employees
  2. Work Talk
  3. Police Recruit Literacy
  4. Job Mentoring 

Volunteer training

  1. Certificate in ESOL Home Tutoring 


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