Conductive Education Taranaki Trust.

What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education is a unique form of special education and rehabilitation, which is beneficial for
children and adults with motor disorders. By this we mean any disorder of movement control originating
from injury to the brain or another part of the central nervous system. This injury may have occurred before,
during or after birth or as a result of an accident, disease or stroke.

Conductive Education is particularly effective for children with Cerebral Palsy, dyspraxia or Spina Bifida and
for adults with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia and after-stroke conditions.

People who live with any of these conditions, experience difficulties with co-ordinating and controlling their
movements. Associated problems often include communication difficulties and sensory impairment. Motor
disorders, particularly when they have been present from birth can also lead to general developmental
delay, because individuals aren't able to access stimulating experiences from which to learn.

A specially trained ‘Conductor’ delivers a holistic, inclusive program that empowers the learner to achieve
their potential through an individualised goal system suited to everyday life.

Conductive Education is a learning process and not a treatment or therapy. The participants are learning
components of skills, which are needed to meet the challenges of everyday life. They are active
participants in the learning process and not recipients of a treatment. Conductive Education is a partnership
between educator and learners to create circumstances for learning.

You are only free of a disability until you or someone you know has a stroke, car accident or a child
born with Cerebral Palsy.

Conductive Education – a way of learning for people of all ages with disabilities that maximises functional
skill development resulting in greater independence and a better quality of life.

Conductive Education Taranaki Trust

Currently Taranaki pre-schoolers travel to our closest centres in Hamilton or Wellington regularly for their
Intervention classes. The Trust is formed to establish this much needed service for our region and we are
on a mission to raise $200,000 along with building our profile and encouraging Expressions of Interest.
It is our aim to provide Early Intervention (age 0-6) and school age (5-14) to individuals that need extra
assistance to develop and reach their potential. If you are a young person with a motor disability or know of
a little one that might benefit from Conductive Education in Taranaki, we would love to hear from you.

Conductive Education




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