Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth mentoring programme that has been operating in Taranaki for several years.

Mentoring is about providing support to a child or young person who needs a friend. A mentor is someone who is willing and able to support that young person, through a friendship based relationship on a regular basis.

"The mentoring programme works because its fun," says New Plymouth Police Youth Project Leader and BBBS Programme Manager, Snr/Constable Paul Lampe. “The key is the young person knows that the (older) person accepts them for who they are, they don’t have to put on a mask and try to be someone else. The adult gets as much out of the relationship as the young person by knowing their support and attention is appreciated - they are learning from each other.”

There are currently over one hundred matches operating in Taranaki, which means we have more than a hundred volunteers matched with over a hundred young people from our community.

We are always looking for volunteer mentors, however if being a mentor isn’t you, there may be other ways you can support us.

Could you offer your staff to support us via payroll giving? if so email Paul at

We love to get our children involved in after school activities, but we need your assistance. Please print off the attachment below for more information.
Getting Involved Form HERE

Big Brothers Big Sisters does make a difference to children and young people in our community, but we can’t do it alone.

Snr Constable Paul Lampe
New Plymouth Police
Ph 759 8854