Published: Monday 25 May 2020

Working Closer!

The Chamber and WITT will be working together more closely than ever, with an extension of their existing partnership agreement. WITT will be operating from the Chamber premises on Egmont Street in New Plymouth’s CBD which will provide the community with better access to WITT from the downtown location.

This will allow more interface with the public, to provide study information, career advice and help with enrolments. As well as providing a place for the community to call in and explore study options, WITT will offer some of its stand-alone courses from Chamber House that will start in July. There are also plans to introduce initiatives such as drop-in Te Reo Māori immersion sessions, a B2B professional development series, as well as one specifically tailored to not-for-profits.

As the nation recovers and rebuilds towards a different kind of future, it is a prime time to train and educate ourselves. The Taranaki Chamber of Commerce plays a major role as a training facilitator for businesses. We see this new partnership with WITT as an ideal opportunity for everybody in Taranaki to view Chamber House as a place of learning to add to their business and life skills.

Education is the passport to the future. We are delighted that with the help of Taranaki’s largest tertiary provider and an understanding landlord, Chamber House can now be a place where education and business support can be delivered together.

Onwards and upwards

In last month’s column, we had just returned to Level 3 and now at Level 2, we have seen improvements for our businesses and health. 

While it’s great to be aspirational and think of where we might be in a few decades, the current focus for many businesses is in the here and now. Issues that many businesses are currently dealing with include:

  • How’s my cash flow looking?
  • What happens when my landlord demands full rent next month?
  • How do I pay my staff after the wage subsidy runs out?
  • Does my business qualify for the next round of wage subsidies?
  • If more people work from home, how will my business in the CBD survive?

If you are facing these issues, please contact the Chamber to see how we can help you or point you in the right direction.

Events and Training
  • We are ready to hold Business Connections again! CMK Chartered Accountants will be your host on Tuesday 9 June from 5.15pm to 7.00pm at The Good Home. As spaces are strictly limited, it is essential that you register to attend on our website.
  • We have resumed training at Chamber House. Please see our website for upcoming courses and workshops.

To RSVP for any of our events, register for training, or for more information click here

Is your business a Chamber Member?

If not, you are missing out on huge opportunities to showcase your business, grow your networks, be represented via our advocacy and be part of a vibrant Chamber network!

Let’s do better business, together!

Ngā mihi

Arun Chaudhari