Published: Tuesday 28 April 2020

May Level 4 never return

Tomorrow, we re-visit level 3 of COVID-19 alert. Going back to level 4 is not an option! Each one of us has to ensure this. Our unity and collective behaviour will determine whether we can halt/contain/control the spread of the deadliest global pandemic in modern times.

The last five weeks of lockdown have transformed our lives in a way we never thought possible. While the ongoing economic damage has already run into tens of billions, there is solace in that our per capita death toll is amongst the lowest in the world so far. However, how does one weigh up the economic damage? Isn’t even one life lost to the virus one too many? And we can only speculate what might have happened had we not taken the measures we did. This is not a time to debate. This is a time to be grateful for what we have and to recover and rebuild.

Over the last month, the Chamber team has been:

  • Contacting all Chamber members to understand what help they require;
  • assisting businesses to reach the right channels for financial assistance and professional advice;
  • working with regional stakeholders towards a united COVID-19 response for Taranaki; and
  • running highly engaging webinars for all Taranaki businesses, with professional facilitation by Adam Harris of Fresh Mindset.

If you own a business, you should have a plan for how your business will work smarter under levels 3, 2, 1 and one day for level 0. The rules of engagement are constantly changing.

Unfortunately, we will continue to see some businesses shut down, redundancies in some sectors, increase in domestic violence, incredible hardships for the vulnerable and higher unemployment. It is imperative that we all play our role in boosting our economy.

These time-tested tips are all the more relevant today:

  • Stay updated about changes in the business environment
  • Irrespective of your sector, invest in technology for your business and for your people
  • There is no substitute for good business relationships
  • Believe in and practise a win-win approach
  • Support local businesses
  • Stay relevant by adapting swiftly to changing requirements
  • Be open to new ideas

The Taranaki Chamber of Commerce is a local business association representing over 700 businesses. We work closely with Councils, Venture Taranaki, WITT, Tui Ora, TSB Community Trust and other local stakeholders. We have strong national and global linkages and branding and are regarded as the voice of business. It is in times like these that the business community can turn to the Chamber for help and be assured of prompt and sound guidance.

 The Chamber is working remotely and is open for business
  • We are available for any business enquiries and concerns via email and telephone - and 06 759 9080.
  • We will continue to provide export document certification as a requirement of the supply chain for businesses providing essential services.
  • We are currently taking registrations of interest for some training workshops on our website
  • You can also follow our Facebook Page – Taranaki Chamber of Commerce.
Business support

Our thanks to all essential service workers who make our nation stronger as they tirelessly perform their duties.

Break the chain and save lives.

Ngā mihi

Arun Chaudhari