Published: Wednesday 30 March 2022


RATS! Come on! Productivity can be increased despite rampant spread of COVID-19!

Everyone is dealing with the Omicron spread in Taranaki in their own way. Businesses, schools, households and each one of you have a found a way to deal with it. We congratulate you on your adaptability. You are making things happen.

For some manufacturing, engineering, farming and similar businesses, where employees cannot work from home, employees who are household contacts, must self-isolate for seven days. This is even if they are asymptomatic or return a negative Rapid Antigen Test! There are a few exceptions to this rule.

Business owners are terribly frustrated that a willing worker has to stay home despite testing negative. The Government needs to realise that this ridiculous legislation is having a significant negative impact on the nation’s productivity.

Businesses continue to suffer further because they are not seen to be “critical”. It’s time to treat every single business as critical to our economy and let businesses be responsible for managing their own health.

What messages does your business have for the community?

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