Published: Wednesday 23 February 2022

Give us RATs for the good of families, business and the economy

Kia ora

The current stay at home isolation rules are breaking the backbone of our economy as SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are being further crippled by worker absenteeism. Government has determined who and what sectors can access Rapid Antigen Test kits (RATs).

We believe that every business is critical for owners, workers, their families, their wellbeing and for the New Zealand economy. The government needs to make RATs available and give business owners and workers the ability to test themselves as required, before mingling with people. This will enable them to self-isolate and reduce the spread of Omicron and still keep our economy going.

It is unfair to punish businesses and cut off their earnings because the government has not been able to get enough RATS in time and make them available in mass supply for all, like they are in other countries living with the virus.

Government needs to engage with business and tell us when and how we will have access to RATs and any other testing technology to get every worker back on the job. This is essential and critical to recovery.

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