Published: Wednesday 16 February 2022


Kia ora

Welcome to the first column of Business Voice. This new column gives businesses, especially small businesses, an opportunity to make their voice heard. Small businesses, as per the Ministry of Business, Innovation and
Employment are those that have under 20 employees.

There are approximately 530,000 small businesses in New Zealand representing 97% of all firms. They account for 28 per cent of employment and contribute over a quarter of New Zealand’s gross domestic product. Many of these businesses are under intense pressure in a world of escalating costs and
uncertainty with COVID-19.

Sometimes we forget that a small business is someone’s realised dream. Business owners often invest their blood, sweat and tears, apart from a sizable chunk of their life savings, into their enterprise.

People like Kate Langford, the co-owner of Paris Plage deserve our admiration. Her business Paris Plage (Nobs Line, Strandon) was burgled twice in the height of summer. Kate’s resilience and positivity was more than a match for this reversal. It was a privilege to catch up with Kate recently. We listened to
her and thanked her for the remarkable work she does in the hospitality sector.

What are some of the critical issues facing small businesses here in Taranaki? What messages do businesses have for the community? We want to use this column to give businesses a voice.

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