The following information is provided to assist you in your entry and to let you know what you can expect as an entrant in the TSB Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Please be assured that strict confidentiality applies to all facets of the Business Excellence Awards including the Judging Facilitator, Judges, Feedback Facilitator, Sponsors and Chamber staff.

Entry Process
  1. Please read the information on Eligibility, Terms and Conditions of Entry and FAQ’s.
  2. Complete the online entry form and submit. (Helpful Hint: Doing this earlier rather than waiting until near the closing date will give you more time to complete the next part of the process as detailed below).
  3. Within 48 hours you will receive an email from the Judging Facilitator with confirmation of your entry and a Business Information form requiring detailed information from you. This information will be supplied to your Judges prior to your interview and helps to provide an overview of your business.
  4. Please ensure that you return the completed Business Information form to the Judging Facilitator by 5.00pm Tuesday 24 August.

The Taranaki Chamber of Commerce is not involved with the judging process and or the evaluation of entrants at any time, nor is it involved in the selection of the Award recipients.

All Judges attend a Judges briefing/training meeting and only receive judging packs relevant to the category they are judging.

Judges are chosen for their experience and skill and it is intended that they will work in either pairs or a panel of three dependent on the Award they are judging.

Judging will take place between 6 September and 15 October 2021.

Interviews are conducted in the format of a Dragons Den, with the exception, of two, Category C Awards: Health and Safety Excellence and Environmental Excellence.

These two categories will be judged at the entrant’s business premises and will require approximately 90 minutes to be set aside.

The Judges may also choose to visit your business premises, but will advise you if they wish to do so.

Judging interviews under the Dragons Den format will be allocated a 60 minute time frame. It is important to be punctual for your interview appointment.

Each judge will work through a series of questions during the interview and will note down comments to assist with the evaluation process and assist with feedback information. The judges are looking for openness and honesty from you to ensure a clear picture/profile of your business is obtained.

The judging process has been designed to evaluate all entrants in all categories as objectively as possible.

Based on the judging criteria in Categories A and B, it is recommended that entrants in these categories will have been in business for a minimum of three years.

There will be no need or request from the Judges to take data, reports or information (other than the Judge’s notes in the judging pack) away from the interview. All information and judging packs will be used solely for the purpose of assessing your entry. All judging packs and all information submitted by you will be destroyed at the end of the Awards process.

Please note that there are separate judging panels for each category so if you enter four categories, then you will be attending four separate interviews with four different judging panels. In some circumstances there may be a requirement to have a follow up interview as well.

The judges will be in contact with you after their briefing meetings have been held on 1 and 2 September. As the judging panels needs to select suitable dates when they are all available to judge, please do not be concerned if they do not contact you directly after these briefing meetings. As your judges are very busy people, it is important that you attend interviews at a time that suits them.

If you are concerned about a conflict of interest with your allocated Judges you should immediately advise Michelle Brennan

Following the Awards function you will receive a Feedback Letter for each category you have entered. Judges will give constructive commentary on your business based on the information you provide in your entry form and at the interview. Please understand that the feedback that is provided to you will only represent the opinion of the Judges, and that the opinion of the Judges is not intended to be formal business advice or guidance. The feedback should be regarded as confidential to you and your business.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Brennan at the Chamber on 06 759 9080 or 021 710 950.



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