What you need to know about post-Covid recruitment strategies
and SEEK’s Laws of Attraction portal

Rob Clark, Country Manager, SEEK

What is it really like to work at … is the question candidates want answered.

Market insights

  • 2x more jobs advertised since 2013. Factors include border restrictions, net migration decreases, health and construction/infrastructure sector booming, tourism and hospitality business bouncing back.
  • Supply of candidates. They are being more selective and priority placed on job security.
  • Supply and demand challenges. Hard to attract due to rising salaries and benefits being reviewed. Hard to retain due to more options available and the need to keep things equitable in-house.
  • Top 10 listings include ICT up 33%, Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics up 55%, Trades and Services up 43%, Healthcare up 58%, Administration up 27% and Hospitality and Tourism up 71%.
  • Benefits focused on flexible work arrangements including working from home, flex hours, car park, active L&D program, and mental health and wellness.
  • 76% of labour force of 2.6million (15-64 year olds) are actively applying or monitoring job posts.
  • External candidates account for half of interest in posted roles. Eg. Business Analyst role in Wellington – 48.7% external candidates (1 in 5 from AKL).

SEEK’s advice

Cast your net wide, understand the role and the region, use multiple postings, and emphasize what it is like to live in your region.


Gemma Richardson, Customer Success Representative, SEEK

Laws of Attraction (LOA) portal

Why use it?

  • Industry survey, NZ Data, 4,800 candidates surveyed
  • Market insights from 17 Industries, age, gender, seniority, location (metro/regional), and generation (x, millennials, etc).
  • Offers post Covid-19 data and annual updates.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Importance defined by essential, nice to have, and put off.

How to use it?

On SEEK, go to Market Insights > Candidate Insights > Laws of Attraction > Explore Drivers By > Filter By.

SEEK’s advice when creating Job postings / Ads

Three selling bullet points should be:

  • Specific
  • Contextual benefits
  • Top Drivers

Other considerations include:

  • Adding salary range
  • Main content (UVP and LOA) eg. Support, respect, transparency, fun
  • Add free video
  • Engage in focused conversations with candidates
  • Strengthen Employment Value Proposition (EVP) – how does your organization meet employee needs and desires better than your competition?
  • EVP will be flowing and unique to each role. Eg. HR = values will differ if recent graduate or head of marketing.

Top Tips:

  1. Match using SEEK’s technology
  2. Engaging content with clear job title aligned to market including keywords but avoiding repetition and jargon, with statement of benefits.
  3. Make Salary visible (candidates 75% less likely to apply if not visible)
  4. Location – make as granular as possible, using suburb in short description. (24% of candidates more likely to apply when location is specific/transparent).
  5. Mobile Friendly with bold headings, short, sharp information and compelling skill-based information.

Source: exempliagroup.co.uk