SOUTH TARANAKI DISTRICT COUNCIL’S LONG TERM PLAN 2018 - 2028 consultation document

Thursday 19 April

The South Taranaki District Council is currently consulting on our proposed 2018 - 2028 Long Term Plan – ‘Making South Taranaki the most liveable District in NZ’ and is interested in receiving your feedback.

Our Long Term Plan outlines the projects, activities and services the Council intends to carry out in our community over the next ten years, with specific detail on the first three years. With an average rates increase of around 3% per year over the next ten years we believe our proposed Long Term Plan strikes the right balance between progress and affordability, but we want to know what you think.

The Consultation Document is a summary of the key issues, options and rate impacts of our proposal. The Consultation Document is now available on our website (click on the link below).