Farmers are being reminded of the need to prepare stock properly for transportation to new properties as the dairy season draws to an end.

The animals need to be kept off green feed for at least four hours before transportation, to minimise the amount of effluent they may generate during the journey.

“Tremendous progress has been made in ensuring stock effluent does not get on to roads and into watercourses,” says the Taranaki Regional Council’s Director-Resource Management, Fred McLay.

“At this time of year, farmers as well as transport operators need to remember they have a duty to ensure cartage takes place as cleanly as possibly. If everyone plays their part, the region can build on its gains.”

Farmers may need to plan ahead to make sure they have a suitable place to stand their stock away from green feed. The animals can be given dry feed (grain, hay or meal) and water, if necessary.

Operators and drivers need to ensure that truck effluent tanks are empty before picking up stock, and that they use their own stock-truck effluent facilities or the region’s public disposal sites (south of Waverley on SH3, at Stratford sale yards, and near Ahititi on SH3).

They should also clean machinery, vehicles and equipment before and after moving between farms to avoid spreading pest plants.

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