'Check Clean Dry' reminder to anglers

Monday 1 October 

The region’s anglers are being urged to protect their patch as they head out to their favourite fishing haunts this spring.

Inadvertently moving algae, fish and aquatic plants between waterways not only puts the environment at risk, but also puts transgressors on the wrong side of the law.

“Pest fish, aquatic weeds, algae and diseases can have irreversible impacts on freshwater ecosystems and fisheries, so we’re calling on all anglers to do their bit to protect their patch,” says the Taranaki Regional Council’s Environment Services Manager, Steve Ellis.

“The transfer or release of any aquatic life between and within waterways is strictly controlled under a range of legislation, including regulations relating to pest fish such as koi carp, gambusia, rudd and brown bull-headed catfish, which are of concern here in Taranaki.”

Anglers should follow the ‘check clean dry’ procedure to ensure they don’t transfer unwelcome aquatic pests between waterways – CHECK for any plant or animal material on clothing and gear, CLEAN thoroughly with detergent and DRY for at least 48 hours before using in another waterway.

For more information on Check Clean Dry and on cleaning methods, see mpi.govt.nz/checkcleandry/(external link)  and  mpi.govt.nz/checkcleandry/#specificitems(external link)

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