Chamber Chat

Published in Taranaki Daily News - Monday 25 March

Black Friday

Our hearts go out to those affected by the horrific mass shootings in Christchurch. Shock, disbelief, despair, anger, the emotions vary. However, the strongest unified emotion that stands out all through our nation is Aroha. Aroha in the form of support, flowers, being there, loving sentiments, care and saying that we feel your grief and want to lessen it for you in every possible way.

At WOMAD, the mood was sombre with due homage paid to those who fell and commiserations to those whose lives had suddenly been thrown into turmoil and chaos. WOMAD then celebrated diversity and the coming together of cultures, rhythms, moods and minds with love and harmony.

After being with our Muslim brethren at the reconvening of Saturday evening prayers, it was hurtful yet encouraging to see this resilient community moving ahead with the widespread support of the wider Taranaki community. By Monday, the candle-light vigil had been organised and many other groups were showing their support in their own ways – peace marches, bicycle rides, endurance runs, etc.

And now - back to business?

It’s hard to get one’s mind back to business when a national day of mourning is yet to be announced. However, the wheels of our economy need to keep on turning. Change is a constant and this appallingly abysmal event has changed New Zealand forever. We will see its effects in every facet of our lives from now on.

Hydrogen Road Map for Taranaki

The Prime Minister launched the Hydrogen Road Map for Taranaki earlier this month. This roadmap has ambitious plans for how our region will lead the nation in the development and use of this abundantly available, but as yet difficult to commercially extract, renewable fuel. We congratulate Hiringa Energy, NPDC and the Progressive Growth Fund for making this possible and to Venture Taranaki for leading the charge for the region in this field.

No incentive for businesses to invest in future energy was announced. Renewable energy will be developed by businesses and the impetus to accelerate this growth must come from the government. It is perhaps worth noting that international events like WOMAD are made possible in Taranaki, through very generous sponsorships by companies that still deal in fossil fuels.

March Highlights

  • March Business Connections was hosted by Strategic Pay. It widened the awareness of workplace rewards and providing opportunity for performance development and improvement.
  • Fairview Hawera hosted the monthly Tandem Group Network of Trades. Attendees were informed about the newly purchased business and educated on ways to control condensation and ensure window security.

Upcoming Events

  • Ravensdown will host Business Connections at the Auto Lodge on Tuesday 2 April. Find out about who they are, what they do, their products and the importance of agriculture to New Zealand Inc.
  • TIL Logistics Group will host the Network of Trades on 16 April.
  • The AGM of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce will be held at The Devon Hotel on Monday 29 April. Nominations for board members open tomorrow on our website.

Training in March and April:

  • Meeting and Presentation Skills
  • Leading Teams
  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Change
  • Digital Marketing
  • Building Trust
  • Re-inventing your business
  • First-time Manager

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