Caravan of Stories

Thursday 6 December

Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM (ART) unveils a new chapter to the community station’s story of giving voice to the region. Their newly customised caravan, fitted out as a mobile studio, will allow similar ‘access’ to people around Taranaki as currently exists at the station in Blagdon.

“We find the basis of good Access broadcasting is sharing time. That ‘over the teacups’  ethos is key to getting to know people and their feeling at ease in the recording space. Communicating the way they want to be heard is vital to authenticity”, says Station Manager Alessandra Keighley.

How to host people when visiting another town had confounded the ART team.

The caravan idea, supported by the TSB Community Trust, led to purchase of a tow vehicle, and  the Trade Me buy  of an original 1970’s Classic caravan, complete with retro awning.

The interior has been rebuilt to include a recording studio where people can sit at the table and speak in to microphones still enjoying the ambience of a caravan they may remember from many childhood summers.

The support shown by local businesses has been tremendous.  ART publicly acknowledges and thanks each and every one:

  • Simon, from Nationwide RV, donated many hours of his own time re-fitting the interior
  • Shane, Graphix, provided the signwriting for the caravan at cost
  • Ricky, from Suite Comfort, threw in some loose cushions and replaced the stone guard at the front of the caravan for free
  • Mark Clegg, from Clegg’s Carpet Court, donated the carpet
  • Probenches NP Ltd donated the laminate for the bench and table tops

“This is a gamechanger for getting people’s voices to the airwaves. The people with training and support, travel to where people are to record stories in a unique space. Also we can broadcast live-to-air”, says Keighley.

The interior set-up includes the ability to record, to broadcast, and most importantly of all, to make a cup of tea.

Look out for the caravan coming to a place near you in 2019.


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