Venture Taranaki Professional Services Grants for Small-Medium Enterprises

** Closed**

A $400 grant has been made available through Venture Taranaki for small-medium enterprises (SMEs - those with fewer than 50 staff) affected by the impacts of COVID-19,  giving access to much-needed professional services advice and support.
SMEs that use one of the professional advice partners below will receive an additional $400 of support, thanks to the partners’ own contribution of time; providing them with a total of up to $800 of professional services advice.
Those SMEs that wish to use their own existing service providers will still be eligible to receive the $400 grant through Venture Taranaki.
The support enables Taranaki SMEs to access advice including legal, human resource management, financial and business continuity as they navigate the impacts of Covid-19.
To access this funding, please complete this form: Click Here 

Professional services partners include: