Disclaimer: these videos are brief and general in nature. You should seek professional advice before taking any action in relation to the matters dealt within them.

Employment Law, Abandonment & Misconduct

Employment issues including misconduct and the best steps employers should follow. Features Peter Kiely, Senior Partner, Kiely Thompson Caisley.

Employment Law, Restructuring & Redundancy

Having a business that’s employing the right people with the best fit often involves restructuring. If it does, you need to do the right process. Features Peter Kiely, Senior Partner, Kiely Thompson Caisley.

Importers/Exporters: Foreign Currency & Your Profit

Businesses engaged in importing and exporting should watch this. The risks of losing profit due to currency movement is real. Includes an offer to trial FXSNAP, a foreign currency sensitivity tool. Features Stuart Henderson, Partner, PWC Treasury Advisory.

FXSNAP - Tutorial

Call 0800CHAMBER to arrange your free trial of FXSNAP. Featuring PWC Treasury Advisory Experts - Stuart Henderson and Alex Wondergem.

New Tax Changes April 2017: Improve your business

5 minutes with Angus Ogilvy (MD Generate Accounting) explaining GST, Provisional  and Penalty tax simplification that your business will want. Why not read the Short Guide under our Free Resources  (Financial Business category)