Toi Foundation

Toi Foundation (formerly TSB Community Trust) is a philanthropic organisation where our community’s success drives everything we do. The foundation supports in traditional, philanthropic ways, while also looking to the future with a focus on strategic and innovative granting and impact investing to achieve even greater long-term, intergenerational and transformational benefits for our communities.

Toi Foundation has a holding company that owns and monitors the foundation’s key assets: 100% of TSB Bank Ltd (TSB) and a controlling share in Fisher Funds Management Ltd (Fisher Funds). Each year, TSB and Fisher Funds pay dividends to the holding company. The holding company then pays dividends to Toi Foundation. These dividends enable the foundation to complete its philanthropic work.

Therefore, if people bank with TSB and have their KiwiSaver with Fisher Funds, they contribute in a supportive and measurable way to the community.