Why buy trade aid products for your workplace or staff room?

• Competitive pricing - our direct relationships with our trading partners allows us to provide very competitive pricing on staff room supplies, and the current range is extensive and growing...

• Help the environment - All Trade Aid's staff room supplies are organic – so it is better for you and your staff, and also better for the environment. By buying organic you are reducing your own work place's impact and are also helping to create Environmental Justice for the world's poor whose security, livelihoods and homes are most affected by climate change.

• Your money goes further - as the only not-for-profit fair trade organisation in New Zealand, our trading partners and producers benefit even more from your purchases as we give any profits we make back to them - we think that’s only fair!

• The best standards - We put the producers at the front of everything we do and are 100% committed to improving their lives. We believe fair trade is the best way to support these producers based on over 35 years experience and dialogue with our trading partners.

• Dignity and respect - Fair trade works on a principle of dignity and respect - the same principles we encourage in our workplaces and communities. By buying from Trade Aid you will be helping to transform disadvantaged producers’ lives around the world through income generation that helps in restoring their dignity and self-reliance.


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