The Kai Kitchen Trust

In 2015 The Kai Kitchen Trust were made aware that there was a severe poverty issue in the Taranaki region, this spread far wider than we could ever imagine, and we just couldn't sit back and do nothing!

As more needs were identified, it was obvious that we had some very hungry children in our area, their health and education were suffering immensely.

Very quickly a School Lunch program was set up to ensure that hungry children were fed during their school day, allowing them to learn and thrive with a full tummy!   These children are identified by the teachers or social service providers, we deal directly with the schools to make sure the children are getting what is provided by us.

The Kai Kitchen now delivers lunches to 70+ local school children daily, keeping those children nourished and healthy and we also offer School Uniforms and Stationary to those in emergency situations!  Sadly, these numbers are raising.

We are a registered Charity who believes no child in New Zealand should ever go hungry. It is our aim to make a huge difference in our community but we can’t do it alone.  We have Schools, teachers, social services on board with us … but we need you!

The Kai Kitchen Trust Manager

Rochelle Steer



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