New Plymouth Positive Ageing Trust

The Positive Ageing Group formed in 1999 which was the year of Celebrations of the International Year of Older People.  In 2004, Positive Ageing was formed into a Trust.

One of the reasons for the development of the Positive Ageing Organisation was an awareness 10 years ago to an anticipated increase in older people to 27% of the population by 2026.  We have responded to this prediction by forming an organisation to assist in changing attitudes towards the Elderly and strive to develop relationships and communication to influence stakeholders and local government, Health agencies and others to prepare for an increased aged population.  

Membership is based on organisations and we have two arms to our positive ageing organisation.
  • The Positive Ageing Trust with 10 elected Trustees responsible for governance and management of the organisation.
  • The Positive Ageing Council which includes all members and representatives of kindred organisations.