What is today known as Freeman was established as ‘Freeman Media’ by Matt Freeman in 2002.

It publishes Energy News and Inside Resources and organises a range of high-profile industry events. Industry maps is another division along with bespoke research.

Freeman has one of the most engaged online audiences in business information media in New Zealand, and the events receive consistently high satisfaction ratings and attendance and remain in growth mode.

The company lives by the rule of Content Comes First.  This ensures clients can confidently and dependably make decisions based on the information provided by Freeman.

Key Metrics*:

  • Number of paying subscribers to Energy News and Inside Resources                         6500
  • Annual unique monthly visits                                                                                  286,943
  • Annual page views                                                                                                899,775
  • Annual event tickets sold                                                                                       1565
  • Number of companies in Deloitte Top200 reached via subscription                             52
  • Number of companies in Deloitte Top200 reached via subscription and events            74
  • Number of government organisations reached via subscription                                  29


*Source data includes Google Analytics, Deloitte Top200, NZX and internal company content management reporting