South Taranaki District Council

The South Taranaki District Council welcomes and encourages business development. Our goal is to develop a vibrant and growing local economy through an effective partnership with all industry.

To encourage business development the Council offers the following incentives:

  • Rates or Rent Relief – Council may subsidise rates up to 50% per annum (based on a market value assessment) for a maximum of three years
  • Discounted Planning, and Consent Fees – Council fees may be subsidised up to 100%
  • Staff Training – Council may subsidise approved staff training courses up to 50% to a maximum of $2,000 per business.
  • Market and Site Analysis – the Council may provide funding towards market analysis, site analysis and feasibility studies relating solely to South Taranaki
  • Infrastructural assistance – the Council may allow delayed or time payment for roading, water and other Council related infrastructural costs

For larger businesses whose needs may fall outside the assistance of the standard incentives the Council will consider a flexible package. Businesses should initially discuss their needs with the Business Development Manager prior to putting a written proposal to the Council outlining the assistance they are seeking.

Non-Financial Assistance

In addition to financial incentives the Council may assist businesses wherever possible by:

  • Providing one point of contact to assist with all Council related requirements
  • Providing demographic and land information
  • Facilitating access to funding from central government and other investors
  • Provide advice and introductions to relevant stakeholders

Image Improvement Incentives

The Council also offers the following Image Improvement Incentives which are intended to assist with the improvement of the exterior appearance of properties whose appearance detracts from the surrounding environment.

  • Image Improvement Subsidy – Council may subsidise the cost of minor repairs to building frontages within recognised commercial areas. Work that will be considered includes downpipe and facia repairs and replacement. There is a maximum of $500 subsidy for this work. Itemised quotes must be provided.
  • Painting Incentive Scheme – Council may subsidise the cost of painting the exterior frontage of a building located within recognised commercial areas. The rate of subsidy will be calculated at $4 per square metre for standard commercial buildings or $5 per square metre for buildings which have been assessed as having a heritage value.
  • Rate Subsidy Image Improvement – Council may provide a rate subsidy for work associated with preparing a building for painting. This subsidy must be used in conjunction with the painting incentive subsidy. There is a maximum of $500 rate subsidy for this work. An itemised quote must be provided.

These incentives are directed toward, but not limited to, business applicants. Any person owning property in a commercial business area within the South Taranaki District may apply.

Contact our Business Development Manager, Scott Willson on (06) 278 0555 or by email for further information.


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