Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd 

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is an Event Medical Service provider who has specialised trainers in Health & Safety and First Aid & Emergency Care, all focused on delivering an excellent product. Pro+Med's philosophy is to deliver training to learners with the intention of inspiring them to continue to develop their skills, knowledge and professionalism. We deliver real learning towards genuine competence, empowering clients to employ their learning in the workplace, their communities, and their homes with well-founded confidence.  

Pro+Med is a market leader in education, training courses and Event Medical services.  We develop and deliver a range of Medical and Health and Safety training courses and programmes and supply medical and health and safety equipment including (Automatic External Defibrillator) AED and (Rapid Antigen Testing) RAT.   

Our mission is to provide quality education, training, and allied services for stakeholders to current legislative requirements, whilst exceeding best practice.  

Our vision: The Pro+Med whanau are high performing, skilled people delivering flexible, unique, quality solutions that exceed expectations.  

Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is a NZQA Registered Private Training Establishment (8209) and is accredited to assess against unit standards and NZ Certificates by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is recognised and approved by the Royal New Zealand College of GPs to deliver Immediate and Advanced Life Support to Doctors and Nurses and the New Zealand Dental Association for those in Dentistry. Pro+Med (NZ) Ltd is also accredited by the Maritime Industry to deliver STCW medical courses.

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