Learner Me

Founded here in Taranaki, Learner Me is an NZQA-accredited training provider re-defining how we empower people to navigate today's digital landscape.

Engaging on-the-job training in everything from developing a website to coding an app and from learning computer basics to launching your own tech start up.

At Learner Me, you’ll learn from industry professionals and cultivate job-ready skills in a simulated work environment—giving you the knowledge and experience to do great things in tech.

Our digital, self-paced, NZQA-accredited courses are quick and gamified to keep you engaged. They’re affordable and updated regularly so you graduate on the cutting edge of today’s fast-changing IT world. 

We’ll help you become an innovative, self-motivated and resilient IT professional exhibiting a life-long love of learning. 

Study with us at our New Plymouth premises at 127 Gill Street or study online from anywhere. 

For more info, visit our website.