Implement Limited.

Implement – Making Change Work 

Implement was established in 2004 by Shona Glentworth as a practice that focuses on strategy, people and processes.  Shona had developed a strong belief in the power of people in an organisation, especially when they are supported by processes and practices that allow their best to shine through.  Implement was developed to support organisations to do this.

Over the past twelve years, Implement has evolved to work with a wide range of organisations in a number of ways – via public training programmes, in-house seminars, one-on-one coaching and consulting.

In 2016, Implement has evolved again with the purchase of the Leadership Management Australasia (LMA) license for Taranaki.  And Shona has also been working on an online training website (Implement online) to ensure the opportunity to learn the skills for day to day work, is accessible to everyone.