Ministry of Social Development.

At the Ministry of Social Developments service Work and Income, we’ve made it our business to understand your recruitment needs, and we’ll do it all for free. So, if you’re looking for staff or thinking how to grow your business, check us out now.

At Work and Income we:
• Offer a range of services to help you with your staffing needs whether you are a small local employer or a large national corporation,
• We can manage the entire recruitment process for you from start to finish.
• We Employ a nationwide network of staff dedicated to helping you find the right person for your business,
• We work with a wide range of people who want to work and have skills to offer employers like you.
• Partner with industries, employers and training organisations nationally and locally to address skill and labour shortages, linking you to like-minded business people
• Work out wage or training subsidies or other in-work support you and your staff might be entitled to
• Provide you with on-going support

To make contact simply ring 0800-778-008 


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