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Arun Chaudhari

Arun Chaudhari


Arun was on the Board of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce from April 2009 to April 2015 and Chair for four months thereafter.

Having a strong passion for the Chamber and business in Taranaki, he was a judge for the Business Excellence Awards from 2005 to 2014.

Arun’s background is the merchant navy, where he spent 20 years, including six years as a Captain on large oil tankers. He then worked in senior management roles in two ports in New Zealand. Arun holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Arun was appointed CEO in June 2017. He is committed to the Chamber delivering exceptional service to its members and partners, while working closely with the Chamber’s stakeholders. You can read more about Arun’s journey here

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Maura Young

Maura Young

Partnership Manager 

Maura is the Partnership Development Manager for the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce. She is responsible to grow and develop the partnership relationships in ways that best benefit the partners and provide added value to the Chamber’s members.

Maura is responsible for forum groups, in particular the Network of Trades which is presently seeing growth in South Taranaki. Another group she is passionate about is the Not-for-Profit sector and she wants to see long-term connections develop between business and this vitally important group.

An important aspect of Maura’s work relates to special projects that identify opportunities for the Chamber’s partners and members. Maura likes nothing better than connecting people and business with opportunities that benefit them and help them grow and develop.

Maura would love to hear from you, meet you and your team to see how she can maximize what the Chamber has to offer to best support your business.

M 021 284 0062

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Michelle Brennan

Michelle Brennan

BARA & Events Coordinator 

Michelle was appointed BARA Coordinator in November 2015 and then took on the additional role of Events Coordinator with Jessica Parker in February 2017. Her background is in Marketing and Sales – previously working for Fairfax Media and MediaWorks. She is an experienced organiser of events and promotions and her management skills assist with advocacy and communication. Michelle is passionate about helping local businesses and retailers.

Her dream is to have a vibrant CBD where the community comes to socialise, be entertained and of course – shop!

M 021 710 950

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Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker

Events Coordinator 

Jessica started at the Chamber in August 2016 in an administration capacity, but soon moved into her role as Events Coordinator.  Jessica brings to the Chamber extensive experience in events and marketing both internationally and locally and thoroughly enjoys the challenge of making an event happen and bringing people together. The highlights of our event calendar are the Top Shop and Business Excellence Awards.

She is passionate about local business and ensuring that the Chamber is actively promoting our members and encouraging business growth and relationships through various networking events and opportunities.

Jessica is also responsible for managing the Ricoh Room Digital Conference Suite which is located in Chamber House. This fantastic space is available to hire for meetings, training days and video conferencing and much more. 

Co-ordinating the Chamber House office is another responsibility Jessica enjoys, ensuring that all aspects of the office are running smoothly and efficiently.

M 021 821 262


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Nickelle Egan

Nickelle Egan

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

New to the region, Nickelle was delighted to join the Taranaki Chamber team in July 2019 as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Nickelle looks forward to meeting and working with new and existing Taranaki Chamber Members whilst at the same time exploring Taranaki’s beautiful region. Nickelle is your go-to person for advertising in the Taranaki Business Review along with being your main point of contact for many other marketing opportunities. Please feel free to contact Nickelle for more information on how you can market your business through the Chamber.

M 021 821 164

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Andréa Styles

Andréa Styles

Membership Coordinator

Andréa joined the team in July 2019 as the Chamber’s Membership Coordinator. Ensuring that all new members and current members of the Chamber are fully engaging with the right services that we provide, whether it be networking opportunities, training and events, marketing your business or even saving on business expenses... Andréa can assist you in making your membership work for you. Andréa's background in Account Management, Advertising and Sales allows her to be strategically planned, diverse with understanding different businesses needs and creative with her problem solving techniques. Andréa’s willingness to assist others in achieving their goals is what she likes to pride herself on. 

M 021 778 621

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Brad Kisby

Brad Kisby

Employment Project Coordinator 

Brad joined the team as Employment Project Coordinator in August, 2020.

Brad's role involves engaging with businesses to assist with recruitment.  His focus will be on identifying existing and potential growth opportunities in the labour market, as well as gaining an understanding of the skills required by employers.

Brad comes from a background of Self Employed Consultancy, Project Management, Property Development, Stakeholder Consultation, HR and Recruitment, Sales and Marketing, and Business Management. His extensive experience means Brad has the ability to be a creative problem solver and has a proven record of building and growing collaborative relationships.    

If you are looking to employ staff, or you are a jobseeker, please get in touch with Brad here at the Chamber.

M 021 471 320

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Katja Eager

Katja Eager

YES Coordinator

Katja joined the team in February 2019 as the Regional Coordinator for the Young Enterprise Scheme. 

The objective of YES is to grow our region’s young entrepreneurs of the future and Katja’s role is to organise events; encourage and support schools who offer the programme; work with valued local sponsors and facilitate learning using a wide range of dedicated business experts from across Taranaki.

Katja has been the Chair of the Taranaki Gifted Community Trust for the last five years. Her background lies in Economics and Tourism Management and Katja has worked for many years in the charitable sector.

She is very much a diverse thinker and problem solver and is very passionate about preparing students for their future in business and connecting them with our thriving business community.

Katja highly values the support of our local businesses that are involved in all aspects of this rewarding programme. If you would like to become a mentor for our YES students, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.

M 021 170 2477 

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Julia Collins

Julia Collins


Julia works alongside the Chamber team providing support in a variety of areas, from reception to membership and events.  A key aspect of Julia’s work is to ensure Chamber members are aware of the benefits and opportunities available to them through the Taranaki Chamber.   

If you contact the Chamber to book for an event such as the Network of Trades, or update your business contact details, chances are Julia will follow this through. Julia has a passion for the Taranaki community and enjoys seeing businesses connect and enhance the vibrant community she lives and works in. 

M 021 0228 8893

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