Te Karaka Foundation 

Te Karaka Foundation is proud to be helping people in our community and by 2025 we will be gifting around half a million dollars to people in need.

Through giving we positively impact the community and contribute to our mission of helping build a thriving Taranaki: an outstanding place to live, learn, work and play, now and for generations to come.

Why do people and organisations give to Te Karaka?

  • A great way to show your support for the region you live and do business in.
  • Gifts endure – unless you request anonymity, your name or organisation will always be associated with Te Karaka and the community.
  • A good news story to share with your family, friends, business community, clients and customers.
  • Reputable (voluntary) trustees and prudent stewardship of funds.
  • Feel good knowing you are helping others.

To read stories about the generosity of Taranaki people and the powerful impact this has on the lives of many go to our website.