Naki Cloud.

Naki Cloud are once again proud to sponsor team NakiBots who, for the second year in a row, are competing in the VEX IQ Robotics World Champs which are being held in Kentucky USA in April.

The competition brings together top robotics teams to celebrate their accomplishments and participate with the best teams from around world.

Naki Cloud are passionate about supporting local talent who excel in the technical area and the sponsorship will provide support to help get team NakiBots to Kentucky.


NakiCloud is lifting the IT capability of the Taranaki region so that our local businesses can match the best in the country in their chosen fields. We’ve built Taranaki’s first and only commercially available Data Centre, armed it with the latest high-powered servers and manned it with a local team of clever, highly experienced IT experts.

Safe. Secure. Reliable.
Security and reliability issues will become a concern of the past - with NakiCloud the latest operating software, SPAM filters, antivirus software and daily offsite backups (to another secure data facility) are all taken care of.

Your Local Internet Service Provider (ISP)
When it comes to business, we all know time is money and efficiency is paramount. NakiCloud offers you ultrafast fibre and internet connection with top speeds and unlimited data, ensuring quicker speed for your business operations.

Cut Communications Cost with VoIP
Your customers will be coming through loud and clear with VoIP (Voice over Internet) landlines that actually work! Many NakiCloud customers save thousands every month on phone costs alone by using phones over our ultra-fast fibre connection.

Hosted Services-Close to Home
NakiCloud means all your software and data is hosted close to home in Taranaki's only commercially available Tier 3 Data Centre. This means that as a hosting company, our server can deliver your business 99.982% uptime and an assurance of quality, security and reliability.

In short, NakiCloud is the solution for any Taranaki businesses' IT needs to ensure they're staying ahead of the game. Meaning, as a business owner, you can sleep easy knowing your data and systems are always working when you need them.

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