Augusta Capital

Property Investment 

Listed on the NZX, Augusta (AUG) actively manages more than $1.7 billion of assets – involving office, retail and industrial properties throughout New Zealand and Australia. Founded by Mark Francis in 2001 – Augusta’s evolution reflects a proven skill and experience in identifying value and moving decisively to turn-around under-performing assets. Augusta's two foundational shareholders hold significant stakes in the company and Augusta Capital as the Manager of assets will often take a stake in the offerings it brings to market.

Augusta Capital has evolved from its origins as a single asset property syndicator – today Augusta is one of New Zealand’s largest property funds management specialists. Augusta no longer just buy assets, they now help fund and/or develop them – targeting opportunities with robust, long-term investment fundamentals spanning multiple sectors of the economy.

Augusta's growth strategy is underpinned by an active management approach – where the scale and diversity of the offerings continues to expand as it grows its funds under management.