Support for SH3 decisions

13 April

The announcement of key decisions on two major State Highway 3 projects is great news for Taranaki, says Regional Transport Committee chairman Craig Williamson.

He says the decisions – safety and resilience works along a 58 kilometre stretch of SH3 North and the preferred route for a two-bridge bypass of the Awakino Tunnel – will have benefits for access, road safety, tourism and the regional economy.

Further, Mr Williamson says he understands the need to gather more information to support a decision on the preferred option for the Mt Messenger bypass.

“However, the Council still supports the Option 3 bypass of Mt Messenger. It has strong support from the regional community, as evidenced by its 63% majority preference in the recently concluded public consultation.

“The Council encourages the Government to find a solution to allow Option 3 to progress. It’s important to do it once and do it right.”